AME provides machinery, services and solutions on friction stir welding and friction stir processing.


CNC type FSW machines are typically used in academia, research and production environments because of their excellent affordability and reliability.

Gantry Type FSW

Gantry type FSW machines are typically used in industry environments. Its super flexibility and high rigidity makes it suitable for mass production roles.

FSW Cell

FSW cells and product lines focus on automation and efficiency. They are customized based on productivity and quality standard requirements.

Efficiency, Repeatability and Affordability

Friction Stir Welding technology delivers affordable, efficient, and durable results. The welds exhibit exceptional strength and longevity. This cost-effective solution eliminates consumables, reducing expenses. With faster welding speeds and precise control over parameters, productivity is enhanced. Friction Stir Welding is an ideal choice for industries seeking reliable and cost-effective welding solutions.

Machines Customized for Various Markets.

AME designs, fabricates and delivers FSW machines for customer specified target workpiece size, material, tolerance, yield, and productivity.

A Solid State Weld with High Quality

Without melting the workpiece, the original microstructure is not destroyed. The pristine mechanical properties are untouched. In some cases, grain refinement improves further mechanical deformation behavior. Porosity reduction during FSW renders excellent fatigue strength.